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The Tenth Muse
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November 2008
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prompt 3

No preview because I'm lazy D:

Supernatural again because um... it's pretty?



A little half-assed since I was in a rush but I'm pretty happy with it. The only effects were Layers, Curves and Color Balance under Image Adjustments on various levels. :)


these are blended together effortlessly! i like the cockeyedness of it. and your color balance is really good. i really can't see where the blending doesn't look good! nice! :)

I agree with Nikki, your blending is flawless. I like the cockeyedness too and the color contrast between the pictures is really pretty. I like it a lot.

My only critique is that you should erase out the CW logo in the bottom right, lol. Otherwise it's completely wondrous, and I love the slant of it I think that makes it look really cool.