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The Tenth Muse
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This one was a lot harder than I expected inbetween homework and NaNo, plus I really just couldn't decide what I wanted to do!

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Kylie's challenge turn!

alondra_del_sol [userpic]

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Icon #001
Icon #002
Icon #003
Icon #004
Icon #005

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This is an easy one I think will be beneficial.

What: Five icons, any fandom.


  • One must involve animated elements. This can either be in the form of flashing images, text, mini-movie, etc.
  • You must post the "before" cap next to your finished icon. This way we can see how far you have taken the original image. For example -


    Make a new post with all five icons and any comments about your process, ideas for the icons, how you got there, etc.

    These have to be new icons! Don't recycle. And be sure to number your icons so we can reference which we are critiquing.

    Critique: In a comment to each post, give at least one positive and one negative comment to each icon. Most people look at their stuff with a critical eye, but hearing what other's think can help broaden your perspective. Be honest. If you love the coloring but think the cropping really isn't working, for example, say so!

    Due Date: Um, within a week?

    Edit! For those who can't rip from DVDs/AVI but want to practice mini movie icons I have some GIFs ready to go from the following: The Dark Knight, Nightmare, Phantom, Pirates (CotBP), Dr. Horrible.

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